Palazzo Portinari Salviati, Your Place in History ™

Palazzo Portinari Salviati, Your Place in History

Luxury apartments for sale in Florence Italy

Open from April 2022 the Historical Residence, 13 magnificent suites with luxury hotel amenities. Visit here.

Pink roof tiles, cream-colored walls, grey, stony paths.
Colors that begin your story in Firenze.

Cradle of the Italian Renaissance, inspirations for the Age of Enlightenment,
Florence is an elegance beyond art and literature.
It is an evolution of philosophy, science and reason.
Our world today started here in this blossoming city.

At the heart of Florence, stands the house of Beatrice, Dante's muse,
The birthplace of Cosimo the First, the Grand Duke of Tuscany,
The very beginning of Palazzo Portinari Salviati.
Like a hidden fresco that lost its colours in the labyrinth of time,
Palazzo Portinari Salviati awaits to be discovered and treasured once more...

Coming in 2022

Luxury properties in Florence


On the grand stage of Palazzo Portinari, we will bring back not only the classic beauty, but also the thinking of the Renaissance.

Restoration and innovation and a new interpretation.

We invite you to come to Florence and step inside Palazzo Portinari Salviati, to find Your Place in History.


Marco Casarola
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