Historical Residence

The Portinari Salviati historical residence is located in the most historic part of the building. What were then the apartments of two of the most noble and powerful families in Florence, with frescoed ceilings, painted wooden beams and views of the historic centre or the Duomo of Florence, are now luxury suites equipped with the latest technologies.

Each of the 13 units is dedicated to a character who made the city of the Medici and Salviati families famous throughout the world

The services to guests are those typical of a 5-star luxury hotel in Florence: discreet and refined family welcome, attention to detail, privacy.

There will also be luxury apartments for rent, from one to three bedrooms for short or extended rentals.

On the main floor, the large frescoed hall will be the ideal place to relax surrounded by history, after a day spent exploring the museums of the city and the many unique experiences that will be proposed to discover Florence and Tuscany.

Palazzo Portinari Salviati, Your place in history.

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